Radio Derb: Campus Ructions Explained, Narrative Collapse Hits Mathematics, Etc.
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00m54s— Russia v. Turkey, the history. (Via an Irish ballad.)

05m24s— The kaleidoscope gets a jolt. (Any of our business?)

12m21s— Who we are. (And who they are.)

17m26s— Campus ructions explained. (Affirmative action meets moral intuitions.)

27m42s— Heroes of our time. (False and true.)

31m01s— Narrative collapse hits mathematics! (It can happen anywhere.)

41m07s— G = 8?T. (What college libraries used to be for.)

44m05s— Bernie makes it! (Better than the Presidency.)

44m48s— For the other end of the festive season. (Scots wha hae.)

48m24s— Russia v. Turkey again. (Don't step on them.)



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