YouTube Bans American Renaissance
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Crossposted from American Renaissance.

Today, without warning, YouTube banned our video and podcast channels. We had 135,000 video subscribers and close to 20,000 podcast subscribers. YouTube also banned other channels, including that of Stefan Molyneux. This was all no doubt in honor of George Floyd.

During the Iron Curtain era, who would have suspected that 30 years later Americans would be muzzling each other? It’s trite to say this, but shouldn’t people try to debate those with whom they disagree rather than silence them? There is no more graceless way of admitting you have lost the argument than to gag your opponent.

We will be distributing our videos and podcasts on different platforms so for now, please look for our videos at BitChute, and our podcasts at And if you have not already done so, please send us your email address so we can alert you to new releases.

Also, I have just joined Parler, and I invite you to follow me here.

These are astonishing times, but the truth will prevail!

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