You Don't Need Papers to Vote?
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Next Tuesday, California voters will choose the best candidate to fill the Congressional seat left vacant by Randy "Duke" Cunnigham.

They will choose between Democrat Francine Busby and Republican Brian Bilbray...recent polls indicate a close race.

Yeah, here's the thing:

Ms. Busby has spent the last several months telling everyone and their brother that Republicans are unethical and Brian Bilbray will just prove to be another lawbreaker should he be elected.

As it turns out, she's knows an awful lot about lawbreaking...

Expose The Left has released a tape of Busby the Righteous telling a Spanish-speaking audience "you don't need papers to vote."

I realize that years of unchecked and unpunished voter fraud may have left some people with the impression that foreign nationals can vote in our elections but in reality, they can't. Seriously, look it up...they really can't.

Have a look and listen (here) and then send her a snorkel because this one should sink her.


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