Will Anti-White Hate Crimes—or Hate Hoaxes—Figure Into ProPublica’s Project?
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When this movie was produced, over 100 years ago, the Klan it depicted had already been gone for 40 years.It’s safe to assume what was on the minds of the ProPublica liberals and their local collaborators when they conceived the "Documenting Hate,"  project: wicked Klansmen are riding through the black neighborhoods of America astride their white-cloaked horses, knocking over fruit stands and otherwise creating havoc.

We just haven’t caught them yet.

And in the age of the First White Nationalist President, it’s important to prove how rotten white people are.

Hate crimes: Have you been a victim or witnessed one? Share your story

By Ivey DeJesus, PennLive, February 7, 2018

That, arguably, appears to be a low number considering Pennsylvania's size and population, and particularly, given that the state has one of the highest number of hate groups in the country.

In fact, hate crimes are chronically under-reported by police departments across almost every state of the nation.

PennLive is embarking on a project that will look at how hate crimes are handled across the state. How do police departments investigate and prosecute hate crimes? How are they handled at the courts level?

PennLive is participating in "Documenting Hate," a project by ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative newsroom, to document hate across the country.

If you have been a victim of hate crimes in recent years - or even if you have only witnessed one - and you are willing to share your story, we would like to hear from you. Let us know about your experience by filling out the form below or by directly  contacting PennLive staff writer Ivey DeJesus at idejesus@pennlive.com. Your name and contact information will be kept confidential unless you tell us otherwise for our story. [More]

It’s hard to imagine how sound journalism could result from self-reported hate crimes, but what the heck:  tell Ivey DeJesus [Email her]about the anti-white hate crime you experienced.  Or even just the black or Hispanic crime you experienced as a white victim, and humbly inquire if that counts.


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