Why Is Beaverton, Oregon, Celebrating Mexican Independence Day?
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Click here to hear radio talkshow host Lars Larson's hilarious massacre of Beaverton (OR) City Councilwoman Betty Bode (email her) over the city's decision to spend tax monies celebrating Mexican Independence Day (no, that's not "Cinco de Mayo"—this is yet another boondoggle, on September 16) when Beaverton does not celebrate American Independence Day. Or you can read a devastating summary here.

Beaverton is not one of those unfortunate American cities, like Maywood CA or South Gate CA, that have simply become occupied territory as a result of Washington's treasonous passivity in the face of the Mexodus. Instead, it's in effect a suburb of Portland and is nearly 80% white, barely 10% Hispanic.

But it is obviously full of Blue State liberal loonies, as James Fulford documented here. Recently, Beaverton got national publicity for shutting down a 7-year old girl's lemonade stand because she didn't have a license...twice. (See also here). Its next step, of course, will be to declare that displaying the American flag is "offensive" and probably a "hate crime".

Nevertheless, I can't but believe that there are still enough Americans left in Oregon to rebel against their gathering dispossession. Indeed, Wayne Mayo, a VDARE.COM reader, recently reported his role in just such a rebellion only 35 miles away in the timber town of St. Helens.

Beaverton's unpatriotic pandering is one of those symbolic issues, like Michael Dukakis' vetoing the Pledge of Allegiance bill, that could burst into flame and incinerate everyone involved—if their opponents have the courage and imagination to raise it.

It will happen eventually. But why not now?

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