"White Supremacists"? Gavin McInnes, Proud Boys Did NOT Go To Charlottesville—Because They're Actually Multiracial Moderates
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Since The Proud Boys, who draw antifa attacks, and have been victims of malicious prosecution as a result, were mentioned in the debates, let me say that one of the many false things that have been said about the UTR rally at Charlottesville is that the Proud Boys were involved.

Gavin McInnes, while  a defender of Western Civilization, which is sort of what the Proud Boys are proud of, disavows racism, and the term Alt Right. (It hasn't done his organization much good. The writer's blurb on our anonymous author  Charlottesville Survivor says "Charlottesville Survivor is a white man who voted for Trump. The Left hates all white men who voted for Trump, whether they were in Charlottesville or not.")

But events proved him right in avoiding the UTR rally.

Here he is writing after Charlottesville: 

Word on the street is the Alt-Right wants to start infiltrating our meetings in an effort to recruit new members and/or sabotage us. Apparently something went down in Charlottesville that wasn’t good PR for them and they’re also angry we refused to “unite the right.” I’m being told they are going to pretend not to be Alt-Right so they can come to meet-ups and gather as much info as possible. They also plan to get caught doing terrible things while wearing our shirts in an effort to discredit us. It’s a strange strategy but they’re not known for being reasonable.

Please be very diligent about new members. If there is even a possibility they are Alt-Right, do not allow them at meet-ups. If you know of anyone who is presently a member and who is Alt-Right, they are cut from the club as of right now. If you refuse, you are your own separate entity and not affiliated with Proud Boys.

WE ARE NOT ALT-RIGHT The Founder Goes on Record, by Gavin McInnes, OfficialProudBoys.com, August 21, 2017

There is nothing wrong with having been at Charlottesville, and what we refer to in our Charlottesville Narrative Collapse tag is the fact that a genuinely peaceful demonstration was attacked by Leftist paramilitaries with the aid of local authorities.

But the Proud Boys weren't involved because Gavin McInnes wouldn't let them attend.

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