Passive Voice Seen In "Violence Broke Out" Coverage Of Antifa Turba Attack On Proud Boys Peaceful March
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A Twitter Event covering the recent attack on the Proud Boys march contains this text:

White nationalists and counter-protesters clash violently in Kalamazoo
Counter-protesters showed up to the site of an organized white nationalist rally in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on Saturday. When the white nationalist group arrived, violence broke out. Police responded to the violence, made arrests and cleared the crowd.

A "Rally" is a public meeting to hold speeches, and a "march" is, in this case, a number of people carrying flags. What antifa "counterprotesters" do is show up at a peaceful march like that and beat people up. See Charlottesville, Trump rallies in 2016, and the Greensboro "Massacre" of 1975.

Here are a couple of videos from local pro-antifa video guy Samuel J. Robinson:

Hell "has broken out" means antifa attacked, the famous passive voice. The Proud Boys defend themselves using non-lethal pepper spray:

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Another "broken out" tweet:

It's one more event in the MSM progression from a free press to an Enemy of the People.

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