Sailer Review Of Isabel Wilkerson's CASTE
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Earlier, from Steve Sailer on Rwanda: East Africa's Tall Vs. Average War

My new Taki’s Magazine column is a book review of the bestseller Caste, which argues that, because we all know that Race Does Not Exist, instead of talking about the black race and the white race we should refer to the subordinate caste and the dominant caste.

The critically lauded Caste by Isabel Wilkerson asks: What if success correlated not with skin color but with height? Doesn’t that sound absurd? But skin color is just as arbitrary a measure for who enjoys caste privilege.

Actually, there is a country where the dominant caste is the same color as the subordinate caste, but the ruling class is taller. For example, here are two of the president’s children with former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg:

Read the whole thing there.

Granted, Bloomberg is not very tall. Michelle Obama is tall, however, and yet:

Still, the dominant caste in this country that was much in the news in 1994 is so extraordinarily tall that the president’s daughter, who lists her height as 6’4″ or 6’5″, was able to recently find a rich husband, mentioned in the Panama Papers, who is considerably taller than her:

It’s almost as if race is less about arbitrary metrics like pigment or height and more about who is related to whom.

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