Proud Boys Persecution: Four Years For Fighting Back
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Outrage of the week was surely the sentences handed down by New York Judge Mark Dwyer against two Proud Boys, Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman. Dwyer gave them four years each for defending themselves against antifa thugs who'd been waiting in the street for them after a Gavin McInnes event in October last year.

Here's the laugh-out-loud paragraph, quote:

The victims in the case were never identified, and Antifa refused to cooperate with the investigation. Prosecutors said that if they could have located the Antifa members, they would have also been charged.

Proud Boys members get prison for brawl with Antifa protesters, by Rebecca Rosenberg, NY Post, October 22, 2019

"If they could have located them"? They were right there on the street with Hare and Kinsman.

"Antifa refused to cooperate with the investigation"? Say what? So as long as I don't co-operate with the authorities, I won't be arrested and prosecuted?

It couldn't be any plainer that Antifa are the enforcement arm of the progressive establishment, with full license to do as they please, masked and hooded, against citizens with unfashionable opinions. At one point in the trial John Kinsman's lawyer, Jack Goldberg, referred to the prosecution as the, quote, "New York County district Antifa office." Yep, that's what they are.

One good thing came out of this gross travesty of justice. That was the five-minute video about the sentencing posted by Gavin McInnes. I've known Gavin for years. He's a witty, thoughtful, tolerant fellow. In this video he is eloquent and passionate, in a way I've not seen him before. In fact he is spitting mad—with very good cause.

In the name of truth and justice, and to understand the country we now live in, please watch that video.

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