White Professor Jennifer Buck Depublished Because Of The Color Of Her Skin, But MANY Iconic Black Books Are By Whites
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The College Fix has a story called Complaints prompt publisher to pull book by white professor about black feminism, by Jennifer Kabbany, Fix Editor, April 18, 2022.

And what they mean is that a book with this cover:

should not be published if the author looks like this:

As far as I can tell, this is a direct violation of the Civil Rights Act, but letting that alone for the moment, do you know how many famous books, including books kids in the 60s, were being assigned in class, were written by white people?

This book, To Kill A Mockingbird:

was written by this woman, Harper Lee, a white Southern woman.

This book, "Introducing Virgil Tibbs, a cool Negro detective in a white-hot world of murder," in which Tibbs (Sidney Poitier in the movie) is a highly intelligent black Pasadena homicide cop with a black belt in Aikido

was written by this guy, John Ball, a highly intelligent white police reservist with a black belt in Aikido.


This book, in which an abused (by her white parents) blind girl is befriended by a black man (Sidney Poitier in the movie) who tries to protect her and then gets tragically lynched:

was written by this woman, Elizabeth Kata, a white Australian woman who married a Japanese man, and as far as I know, never set foot in the U.S.:

This book, about black private eye John Shaft, featuring much politically incorrect sex and race talk

and this even more politically incorrect book

was written by this guy, Ernest Tidyman, neither black nor Jewish as far as I can tell:

And finally, this guy, David Ritz, is the actual author of all these "autobiographies" of black entertainers:

Including but not limited to Brother Ray (1978), Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye (1985), Rage To Survive: The Etta James Story (1995), Blues All Around Me: The Autobiography of B. B. King (1996), True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself (Janet Jackson, 2011), Soulacoaster (R. Kelly, 2012), When I Left Home: My Story (Buddy Guy, 2012).

The reason for all this white writing of black books—Ritz writes his books in the "voice" of their black subjects—is that there's more writing talent among whites than blacks.

When Barack Obama, as a young man, got a book contract for Dreams From My Father, he had it cowritten, or at least copy-edited, by white Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers: see Obama and Ayers and "Dreams from My Father."

So if this book:

can be written by this guy:

I don't see why a white lady professor isn't allowed to write about being "Bad and Boujee."

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