March Farm Attacks In South Africa: Victims Included 73-, 76-, 80-, And 84-Year-Old Whites
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  • André Claassen and his wife Wilana narrowly escaped an ambush in Paulpietersburg, KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa.

Reports say an intruder’s gun failed to fire. The farmer had just pulled into his garage when approached by an individual who pointed a firearm at the victims. 

[Farm attack, farmer ambushed, attacker's firearm jams, Paulpietersburg, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, March 6, 2022]

  • An 80-year-old farmer and his employee were assaulted and bound in Camperdown, KwaZulu-Natal province.

Two armed attackers took the farmer's house keys and made off with a number of items from the home. Two suspects were found with the stolen items and arrested.

[Farm attack, farmer (80) and employee tied up, 2 attackers arrested, Camperdown, attributed to South African Police Service,, March 6, 2022]

  • A woman and her 84-year-old mother were assaulted during a home invasion in Mpumalanga Province.

The women, along with a domestic worker, were also bound. When the woman’s husband arrived home, he was assaulted, disarmed, and forced to open a safe. The five assailants made off with firearms and other items.

[Farm attack, 5 attackers brutally assault, tie up family, Nelspruit, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, March 19, 2022]

  • 76-year-old Gustav Rappard was killed during a farm attack in Delms, Mpumalanga province.

 Six attackers were reportedly posing as prospective customers wishing to purchase bales of hay. The victim was found strangled in a barn after four of the intruders entered the farm house, bound Rappard’s wife, and demanded cash.

[Farm murder, 6 attackers kill farmer (76), assault, tie up wife, Delmas, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, March 20, 2022]

  • A domestic worker and her boyfriend were bound during a home invasion in Sundra, Mpumalanga province.

The attacker assaulted the homeowner as he returned to the house. Taken were a pistol, cell phone, and cash.

[Farm attack, worker assaulted, tied up, owner ambushed, robbed of firearm, Sundra, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, March 29, 2022]

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  • 73-year-old Ando Swanepoel was hospitalized in critical condition after being attacked at the gate of his property.

 Reports say the elderly victim was hit on the head. His wife, Magda, was then assaulted in the farmhouse as the attackers demanded money. Taken was cash and other property.

[Farm attack, elderly couple assaulted, man (73) critical, Bloemfontein, attributed to crime correspondent,, April 4, 2022]


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