White Cop Found Not Guilty In Freddie Gray Death, Some Chance Of Riots
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Six cops, three black and three white, were charged with various crimes for the apparently accidental death of Freddie Gray, a heroin dealer who was arrested for carrying an illegal knife, and died of a broken neck in the van taking him to the station—which led to the Baltimore Riots.

Now one cop, Officer Edward Nero, has been found not guilty:


mayor[1]If Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (right) wants to seriously deal with disturbances, she's going to have to start by ordering police to make arrests at the first sign of trouble. I wrote about this last April, making the point (alluded to by Michelle Malkin, above) that she had done exactly the wrong thing:

Baltimore is burning as I write, the streets are filled with rioters and police. They don’t seem to be “clashing” much, however. Photographs show looters looting, and cops standing around. The black lady mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, [Email her] made a statement that, in the interests of the demonstrators’ “free speech” rights, she had told the Baltimore PD to “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.”
That, presumably, is because she sympathized with the rioters,  and didn't want the police force to make her look bad in the media by stopping the rioters. See Yes, BALTIMORE SUN, There Is A .“Baltimore Riot.” And The Answer (Again) Is Ruthless Coercion.




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