When You Hear "Professor Says", Ask "What Color Professor?"
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HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, “WAIT, WHAT?” EDITION: Ole Miss prof: Trump’s ‘juicy booty’ is ‘proof that god is white.’

That's from CampusReform, and their headline, describing him as "Ole Miss" prof doesn't say he's black. The only reason we know that Trump-hating Professor Kiese Laymon (above) is black is because he himself won't shut up about it.

A University of Mississippi professor tweeted about President Donald Trump and his “juicy booty."

“Trump is what white folks feared the 1st black president would be except he's a mascot for white supremacy,” Ole Miss English and creative writing professor Kiese Laymon tweeted on September 12. “He's impulsive, greedy, gleefully ignorant, big bootied, erratic, terrible w money, sexually violent, hooks up felonious friends, has 3 baby mamas, & eats all the chicken.”

“The fact that he has a big booty is the greatest betrayal. Spiritually, he belongs to the land of the booty-bereft,” one of his followers replied.

Laymon [Email him] starts the "About" page on his own  website by saying "Kiese Laymon is a black southern writer, born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi."

His writing, nonfiction and fiction alike, is wholly concerned with his blackness. He won an award for novel that starts like this:

In 2013, Citoyen “City” Coldson is competing in the nationally televised “Can You Use This Word in a Sentence” contest finals, where he is one of only two black male contestants, along with his arch-nemesis LaVander Peeler. After being assigned the word “niggardly,” City has an onstage meltdown and storms off. Video of his outburst almost instantly goes viral.

Then there's time travel to the old Mississippi, when racists stalked the earth, and to be a professor at Ole Miss, you would have had to be (a) white, and (b) qualified.

Campus Reform has some more on the subject of his non-fiction:

Laymon’s past writings include What I Pledge Allegiance To, an essay in which he says the American flag is worse than the Mississippi flag of secession because “it reminds me of what we black folk have survived and witnessed at the hands of white folk hiding behind the American flag for centuries.”

He concludes his essay by writing “I pledge that white Mississippians and white Americans will never dictate who I choose to be or what symbols I choose [to] imbue with meaning. I pledge to not allow American ideals of patriotism and masculinity to make me hard, abusive, generic, and brittle.”

Laymon writes in the style John Derbyshire calls  "blackety-black" or in extreme cases blackety-blackety-blackety black.

Conservatism, Inc outfits should respect that by calling him a "Black Professor" in a headline.

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