When BOTH The Attacker And The Victim Are Immigrants...
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More MSM malfeasance. Both the attacker and the victim are immigrants, but you wouldn't know that if you depended on the San Francisco Chronicle for your news. The Associated Press couldn't even be bothered with including the convicted man's first name. Lame.
A 22-year-old Sacramento man has been sentenced to 150 days in jail for his role in the death of a Fijian immigrant.

Shevchenko was convicted in June of disturbing the peace and simple assault for throwing a bottle during a confrontation last summer between two groups at Lake Natoma, about 15 miles east of Sacramento.

Jurors deadlocked on a hate crimes charge that accused Shevchenko of starting a fight with Satender (SAH-ten-dur) Singh because he believed Singh was gay. [Sacramento man given jail in immigrant's death, 8/03/08]

The Sacramento Bee does a better job with its fair and balanced headline: Jail term given Sacramento man in fatal fight at lake
A 22-year-old Sacramento man was sentenced Friday to 150 days in jail for his role in a fight that led to the death of Satender Singh last summer at Lake Natoma.

Aleksandr Shevchenko, who had been charged with a hate crime before a jury deadlocked on that charge in June, was convicted of disturbing the peace and simple assault.

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