Obama's Immigration policy: Bring in more Haitians
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Pat Buchanan dealt well here the other day with Obama's sycophantic reception at the Affirmative Action-plunder-gathering outfit UNITY's convention, and what the implication is for the majority of Americans: Under President Obama, Whites Need Not Apply.

But amidst all the cheering and drooling (beautifully satirized in a broader MSM context by Saturday Night Live) Obama made a potentially campaign-wrecking statement. He wants the current huge level of immigration to be continued - but he does want change!

He wants to make it blacker - specifically Haitian.

 According to Matt Schofield, posting on the Penn Station blog maintained by the Kansas City Star:

...as far as the senator is concerned, there's nothing wrong with the large numbers of people around the world wanting to immigrate to the United States...

 "The problem that I see isn't the number of immigrants that are coming. We are actually advantaged by the number of immigrants coming...We need to provide a pathway for citizenship for those undocumented workers who are here who have put down roots...Frankly, we are probably underrepresented when it comes to immigrants from certain parts of the world. It's harder for Haitians to immigrate than it is for persons from other countries in some cases. That's something we need to prevent."

So: No inflow reduction. Amnesty. More Haitians/Africans. (Since Latin Americans and Asians are currently heavily over represented, and Obama cites Haiti, this seems to be the correct inference. He could mean boosting immigration from the British Isles, the founding population source of the American nation, now only supplying a minute trickle - but I doubt it.)

Why, Americans in general might ask, does the country need more of a people who have spectacularly failed to make anything of their own countries, many with extremly alien habits, who will instantly qualify for Affirmative Action benefits at the expense of the majority?

 Perhaps because Obama is determined to overthrow that majority.

At present, according to Google News, the only other mention of this story seems to be by the indefatigable Australian blogger John Ray, posting on the Stop the ACLU blog. Ray has started an valuable news compendium site on Obama, Obama Watch.

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