What About Immigration's Effect On The Majority?
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A half-hearted congratulations to the Washington Post for noticing that black Americans are hurt by immigration: [See Patrick Cleburne's Can Only Hispanics Do Yard Work?] Though it's with great disappointment that we realize how this story came to see the light of day. According to well-established journalistic standards, something that hurts Americans generally is not news. Something that hurts white Americans generally is certainly not news. But if black Americans—or any other protected-status group—is hurt, then by God, it's news. Someone should be pressing the Post — and the rest of the MSM — on why whites as a group never merit coverage, except as un-quoted backdrops responsible in some vague way for all that plagues the world. (Racist Assumptions Widen Achievement Gap, or Credit Scores Used to Deny African-Americans Access to Financial Services) Never are they a living, breathing group of people with something to say about what's happening to them.

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