We Were Warned. Conservatism Inc.'s Stupidity & Cowardice After Charlottesville Paved The Way For Violence Against MAGA Marchers. Patriots Are On Their Own - A Roundup
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Last weekend, our video team captured the Million MAGA March in DC, a heartening display of patriotism and defiance against media elites who had no right to declare Joe Biden "President Elect." But after dark, as with Charlottesville, paramilitary, Democrats attacked patriots. Charlottesville Survivor reflects on how we got here. And Wayne Allensworth ponders what the future holds. Here, we present a brief archive of related posts for your convenience. 

I Warned Them! DC MAGA Marchers Hit By Same Leftists Enabled By Charlottesville. Patriots Are On Their Own

Whether you are Alt Right, Dissident Right, America First, MAGA, Republican, or just some hapless urban liberal wondering why people suddenly can smash your business or sucker-punch you, the lesson is clear. From Inauguration Day to Charlottesville to the Million MAGA March, the System has told you again and again that it will not protect you. It will not allow you to protect yourself.

You’re on our own.  I tried to warn you.
Now, it’s going to get worse.

—Charlottesville Survior

Middle American Resistance Organizing—But Who Will Lead?

The seeds of a full-blown counter-revolution are scattered around the country ... in the police officers who came down with the “blue flu” in Atlanta … in the truckers who have declared they won’t deliver to cities that defund the police … in county sheriffs who have defied gun-grabbing state governments …. in the popular resistance to draconian gubernatorial “mask” decrees … in rumblings of counties from California to Virginia about secession from tyrannical metropolitan areas … in numerous individual acts of self-defense, like that of the man who shot Garrett Foster or the men who defended the Alamo.
The next step: A leader, or group of leaders, must organize these scattered resisters and counter the Blob through coordinated and purposeful action. The strategic objective: carving out havens for Middle Americans to live their lives as they see fit.

—Wayne Allensworth


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