With "Remarkable Synchronicity" Press Calls Race For Biden, Just In Time To Step On Trump's Election Fraud Presser
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My iPhone is lighting up with alerts saying Pennsylvania  (home of corruption and voter fraud) has gone for Biden, and that means he's President, and Kamala has  achieved a historic "First Woman"  VP of color. If there was ever a time to use expressions like "declared falsely" or "without evidence"--you know, the things the MSM says about Trump's true statements--it's now.

Instapundit is on it:

WITH REMARKABLE SYNCHONRICITY, big media organizations, including Fox, call race for Biden.

This of course has no legal standing, and the recounts and challenges will continue unless Trump concedes, but it was probably timed to step on Trump’s election fraud presser.



This is what they’re distracting from:

What happened to “count all the votes?”


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