I WAS THERE: Million MAGA March A HUGE SUCCESS—But Police Fail To Quell After-Dark Antifa Attacks [VIDEO]
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It was exhilarating: Tens of thousands of Trump supporters descended on Washington D.C. for a "Million MAGA March / Stop the Steal Rally" protesting the alleged election of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden as president of the United States. After a summer of terror by Black Lives Matter rioters and Antifa in nearly every major city in the U.S., it was time for the sleeping giant to show their numbers. The Stop the Steal protest went off without a hitch. During the afternoon march, Antifa had only a small showing, dwarfed by the thousands of Trump supporters. In our latest BitChute channel upload, you'll see our coverage of the march and hear from the Patriots who are urging Trump not to concede what they consider an illegitimate election.

[See fullscreen on Bitchute here.]

Speaking with attendees, we asked whether or not they believe Trump should concede in the case that Joe Biden is officially declared President-Elect.

"Any Republican in the GOP that does not support our president will be out. We are watching." says Lisa Westerman. We met her in front of the Supreme Court, where patriots were facing off with Antifa in black bloc clothing. "This! These people," she said, pointing at Antifa behind the police, "that were allowed to tear and burn down cities. We are taking our country back!"

Of course, the Main Stream Media condemned the rally, claiming it was "unsafe" for thousands of people to go about unmasked. Of course these were the same media hypocrites who have long supported private citizens joining gangs of street rioters and looters in "mostly peaceful protests." But a protest in support of the President of the United States? That's dangerous!

Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, Vincent James, and Mike Lindell were just a few of the patriots to join the marchers. From Pennsylvania Avenue, just outside of the White House, a parade of red Make America Great Again hats made their way to the Supreme Court building where they would demand a judgement on election fraud.

At Harry's Pub, we sat down with Shane Trejo, a former Michigan poll watcher turned whistle-blower when he encountered what he believed to be election fraud.

"I actually saw all the ballots come in as a poll challenger in Detroit at the absentee voting processing center. On election night they showed up with 61 boxes of ballots at the dead of night—3:30AM, but all the ballots had to be in by 8PM... three African American gentlemen show up with boxes of ballots at the dead of night and we have no chain of custody, have no clue where they were from and could have easily been fake."

 Our tight production schedule was interrupted when the Communist vigilantes saw their time to strike. At 6:30pm, while shooting our last scheduled interviews before returning home to begin a blitzkrieg editing session, we began hearing commotion from the streets outside. Heading out the doors, we quickly realized we wouldn't be going home anytime soon. Antifa took over the streets to prey upon patriots celebrating after a successful day in their nation’s capital city. Although ignored by the MSM, it was serious:

VIDEO: BLM / Antifa launch fireworks at patriots dining in Downtown D.C.

VIDEO: Antifa assaults man leaving Million MAGA March

VIDEO: A family is harassed, led to tears while harassed by Antifa in D.C.

Outside Harry's Pub, police had formed a line on either side of the block, preventing anyone from getting in or out. We unpacked our gear and attempted to get the story from those who were locked in with us.

The police line eventually dissolved as officers left to deal with brawls breaking out across the city.

An elderly man was knocked unconscious by a black woman in Antifa garb while defending patriots who were being threatened by black bloc Marxists.

VIDEO: BLM protestor knocked onto pavement after attacking elderly Trump supporter earlier in the day.

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VIDEO: BLM protestor disarmed by a patriot

These were only a handful of incidents that occurred as night fell. It was vital that the Proud Boys, and other like-minded patriots were on duty to protect innocent rally-goers. See Ann Coulter On The Proud Boys: "America’s Last Line Of Defense Against The Left’s Fascistic Antifa Storm Troopers"

The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department had a difficult job. But the fact is that all this violence came from the Left. And they did not quell it.

Noah Arnold [email him] is a full time video producer working with deplatformed personalities across the dissident right.

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