We Are More Than Halfway There! Can You Help VDARE Reach Our $8,000 Matching Goal Today?
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VDARE.com and Giving Tuesday – We are more than halfway through to hitting our $8,000 Giving Tuesday matching challenge! Help put us over the top!

Join us tonight @ 8pm EST for VDARE.com’s 6th Annual Giving Tuesday Livestream Open House from our Berkeley Springs Castle Headquarters.

This Giving Tuesday I am humbly asking for your support to advance VDARE.com’s mission. As you know, VDARE.com has grown beyond just the website—although journalism will always be our core mission.

We are taking on big battles, and we have no intention of backing down. These battles are very costly. There are many public and private institutions that would like nothing more than to see VDARE.com silenced, to see the Historic American Nation disappear forever.

They are attacking us from all angles. Your donation will help us push forward with our exclusive America First journalism, our legal battles (all the way to the Supreme Court!), our technical development that keeps us online and of course, our Berkeley Springs Castle location conference center.

That’s only the beginning.

With your help, we push ever on!

We are more than halfway through to hitting our $8,000 Giving Tuesday matching challenge.

This challenge is brought to you by a brave man who has supported VDARE.com’s efforts to keep America American since 2008. That's 13 years of making patriotic immigration reform possible, helping us bring you the commentary and analysis you can't find anywhere else. Now he wants to see who else is out there! For every dollar you donate today he'll also give a dollar, doubling the value of your gift. Let's show him what we've got!

So mark your calendars (and be sure to bookmark this page for the live-stream) and take this fantastic opportunity to lean in to the Christmas spirit with patriots—and donate to keep America American.

Lydia Brimelow


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