Washington Post Smears Stephen Miller - But Flinches From Naming VDARE.com!
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The MSM’s heavy siege guns have now been positioned around the Trump Administration and have opened up, hoping to ignite some scandal or provoke some fissure.

On Saturday the Washington Post fired off Stephen Miller: A key engineer for Trump’s ‘America first’ agenda by Rosalind S. Helderman February 11, 2017 aimed at the very talented former Jeff Sessions aide whom the Left has identified as a key Bad Guy in the Trump White House.

This shot fails, largely because the writer relies on point-and splutter items no doubt very infuriating in her circle but which are more likely to be applauded in Flyover/Trump Country:

At Duke, Miller wrote…the student newspaper…In a column titled “The Case for Christmas,” Miller, who is Jewish, argued that the holiday should be more widely recognized as a “crucial American holiday.”

“Christianity is embedded in the very soul of our nation,” he wrote.

But from the VDARE.com point of view the interesting thing is how Helderman flinches when trying to smear Miller with a VDARE.com connection. She reports that at Duke Miller
…helped organize an immigration debate between Peter Brimelow, an anti-immigration activist whose website has been labeled a hate site by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Peter Laufer, who advocated for opening the southern U.S. border.
The same technique is seen when trying to drag in Jared Taylor
 Jared Taylor, another high-profile white nationalist, posted a piece to his website in which he wrote that Trump is “not a racially conscious white man” but that there “are men close to him — Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller — who may have a clearer understanding of race, and their influence could grow.”
Old-style quality Journalism of course prided itself in proving its readers with all relevant facts and would have named VDARE.com and American Renaissance. Rosalind Helderman comes from a different tradition, where facts are to be rationed and filtered.

Of course in the Age of Google (so far) this censorship is futile and is reduced to squalid spite. But the fact she felt motivated to do it, when both sites have been named in the Washington Post in the recent past encourages a cheering conclusion:

Intensified repression has been ordered because the Left Nomanklatura has been frightened.

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