Most Featured Op-ed in Today's NYT: "Caitlyn Jenner's Mission"
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The funny thing is that, due to our pervasive mental atmosphere that makes noticing patterns disreputable, almost nobody has noticed how funny this phenomenon is: that there exists a rare form of mental illness that occasionally strikes highly masculine, higher IQ middle-aged men and convinces them that, despite all the evidence to the contrary (their children, their military or sporting accomplishments, their sci-fi obsessions, etc.) that they’ve always been a girl on the inside.

… And the victims of this delusion are almost all right-of-center in their political / cultural views!

Virtually none of the prominent late-onset M to F transgenders are conventional liberals: e.g., golfing Republican Bruce Jenner, the Kiplingesque memorialist of the British Empire James Morris, libertarian economist Donald McCloskey, outer space entrepreneur Martin Rothblatt, etc etc.

Being a conventional liberal seems to confer some degree of immunity to the ravages of this mental health syndrome.

But leftists these days are too dumbed down to get the joke that late onset transgenderism is a mental illness of rightists.

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