WASHINGTON MONTHLY: Charles Murray Is Racist, Explains a Writer Who Has "A Terrible Memory for Facts"
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From the Washington Monthly:

Some Thoughts About Race, Genetics, and IQ

by Nancy LeTourneau March 30, 2018 POLITICAL ANIMAL

When I wrote this week about “race realism” as the new word for the debunked claims of “scientific racism,” I was unaware of the fact that the topic had been given new life with the publication in the New York Times of a piece by David Reich, professor of genetics at Harvard, titled: “How Genetics is Changing Our Understanding of Race.”

… To be very clear, I pretty much unambiguously come down on the side of [Ezra] Klein’s argument in all of this. …

While Reich addresses the possibility of genetic differences among races more generally, I find it interesting that Klein and Sullivan zero in completely on whether or not they have to do with IQ. The age-old racist notion is that white people are more intelligent than black people, something that has been revived by Charles Murray and Andrew Sullivan.

… Personally, I have a fairly high IQ and yet I have always had a hard time with science and history because I have a terrible memory for facts. I got my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and went to graduate school with a whole host of people with high IQs who literally got sick when it came time to take a basic course in statistics.

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