Silver Lining: Omnibus Bill Defused Obama HUD's Diversity Plan For YOUR Neighborhood
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While the Omnibus Bill is a monstrosity which, as a Trump voter, I regard as a betrayal, there is one silver lining in all the dark clouds. An article I wrote for several years ago called  “Regional Equity”—Obama’s Coming War On Whitopias" discussed the Obama HUD's plan to force integration on the few diversity free areas of the country.

Apparently the budget bill has defanged the government—for now. No longer will the government be able to force safe suburban communities to import dangerous ghetto dwellers to prey on the whites and Asians who have fled urban areas. [Congress succeeds in gutting Obama HUD racial and income zoning rule in omnibus, by Robert Romano, Daily Torch, March 27, 2018 ]

The left has long resented the fact that whites could flee urban areas and so deprive the urban politicians from overtaxing them for the benefit of minorities. Over three decades ago I had a professor—an immigrant from England—who lectured us that while she deserved to live in a nice suburban setting because she had grown up in a grim (but all-white) English industrial town—it was our duty to live in cities so minorities could benefit from our tax dollars.

Of course any realist knows that getting their hands on tax money was not the only reason that Obama and others of his ilk wanted to force communities to build low-income housing for urban minorities. Obviously people like him are seething with hatred and resentment of white suburban dwellers and long for revenge. No doubt they took satisfaction in the fact that people in formerly safe suburbs would have to fear rape and robbery from the imported low-income blacks. Similarly, Asian and white students in safe schools could now be bullied and abused by the imported blacks. Revenge was sweet—but this bill should wipe the smug looks off their faces


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