Was The Thug Report A Victim Of Volunteer Fatigue?
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Does anyone know what has happened to the Thug Report?

I came across this brightly written and extremely valuable compendium of MSM violent crime reports last year and used one of its stories here. Without any sorting, by the nature of things, the overwhelming majority of stories chronicled the activities of Blacks.

Last week the site suddenly went dark, taking its archive with it. A cached sample is here.

A number of valuable blogs have disappeared this way, for instance Carrie’s Nation and the much-missed and unique The Kvetcher.

The obvious possibility is repression and sabotage. This seems to be quite common with sites that offend Blacks, as in the case recently of the South African site South Africa Sucks and also Nation of Cowards.

But another possibility is serious: Volunteer Fatigue. A site like the Thug Report may use outsourced stories, but the selection and posting of them takes A LOT OF TIME. No doubt many who start these sites do not fully understand what a monster they are creating. At some point family pressure (or opportunities - sigh) , work demands, or even fading gratification can overwhelm the initial brave impulse.

This is why at VDARE.com we keep having to say WE NEED MONEY. Not a lot, but some.

Don’t let VDARE.com go dark through volunteer fatigue! Give now!

We are interested in hosting the archives of congenial sites whose operators wish to retire.

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