War On Whites And The Second Amendment From The Treason Bar
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The mask, for what it was, has slid off the face of the Treason Bar. To these Alien Firsters, the Constitution, and especially the Second Amendment, stands in the way of their program of electing a new people, a new people hostile to the Second Amendment and to whites.

ILW.com April 22, 2013 by Roger Algase

Advocates of Hate Try to Use the Boston Bombing to Defeat Immigration Reform

And what is a shooting? Nothing to get excited about in America, evidently; we have dozens of them every day. No matter how many shootings by native-born Americans occur, America's right wing makes sure that nothing will be done to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally disturbed, as witnessed by the Senate vote against gun control last week which will truly live in infamy.

Of course, by shooting, he does not refer to the carnage in Chicago seen on a daily basis where blacks are shooting fellow blacks literally by the dozens. But he does make it explicit that nothing less than Dianne Feinstein's gun ban will please him. The only shootings he mentions are those by a few whites who actually meet the legal definition of insane, unlike the Tsarnaev brothers who were cynically waging religious war on America.

His solution though to foreign terrorists is amnesty for all illegals here.

But when mass murder or mayhem is carried out by anyone born outside of the US, then, the right wing has a different reaction - either make the immigration laws tougher, or block any attempt to make them more humane and realistic. In other words, as ID's April 19 editorial pointed out, the strategy is to make a million, or many millions, of innocent people pay the price for the actions of one, or a very few, people with whom they have no connection whatsoever.
And any resistance is racism.
This is another form of hate. It is non-violent and legal, to be sure. It is also protected by the first amendment. But attempts to use the Boston Marathon bombing, whatever the motives on the part of two obviously severely disturbed young foreign-born men, both of whom were in the US legally and one of whom is an American citizen, may have been, as an excuse to scuttle immigration reform are nothing short of despicable.

Notice how the foreign terrorists, acting in the name of a religious war on most Americans, are just "disturbed," while those who react to their terrorism are racists. We know where the Treason Bar sympathies are. With the victims not of terror, but of "racism." Not that illegal aliens were forced to come here.

And the War on Whites has been declared by Treason Bar:

ILW.com April 19, 2013

Apr 19 - Terrorist Enablers On The Right

Speaking on Sean Hannity this morning, former Republican Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan said about the undocumented "they ought to be in the shadows". This was in connection with the Boston bombings by a deranged duo, providing some on the right an excuse to prevent comprehensive immigration reform, and to continue to keep America unsafe by ensuring that the "shadows" in America are sufficiently large to hide any number of terrorists. These lunatics of the right (fortunately not joined by the lunatics of the left) want to use the fact that in any group of a million people there will inevitably be one who is a really bad person, and thus want to throw all the babies out with the bath water.

Except that the the Tsarnaev brothers were not one out of a million, but two out of 200. Much more dangerous odds for innocent Americans. Nor was it the right that brought them here. It was the Treason Bar that asylum for Muslim terrorists. Not just the Tsarnaev brothers, but Waad Ramadan Alwan Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, Ramzi Yousef, Basaaly Saeed Moalin, Issa Doreh, Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud, Ahmed Nasiri Taalil Mohamud, and Mohamed Osman Mohamud, to name a few asylum terrorists.

Does this mean now that we can deport everyone who lives in Corinth, Mississippi just because one crazy guy there sent ricin-laced letters in an attempt to kill a US Senator, a federal judge and the President? Sen. Grassley (R-IA), ranking member on the Senate Judiciary committee made this comment at the opening hearing for immigration reform: "We also appreciate the opportunity to talk about immigration. Particularly in light of all that's happening in Massachusetts right now and over the last week".

So, the solution of the Treason Bar is to deport native born Americans for the crime of one lunatic? Deport Americans? The same people who do not want illegal aliens deported? It shows the contempt the Treason Bar has for the Constitution and what they want to do with those who own firearms and whom they consider to be "racists." It is the Treason Bar that is waging war on Americans.

Unless they offer specific proposals designed to remove lunatics from Corinth, Mississippi along with lunatics among Chechen immigrants, their ploy is clear - just a fig leaf to hold up CIR which they oppose on other grounds. If the time has come to play the racist card, then it must be played. Some in the right are fighting dirty - and are not engaging CIR on the substance. The proponents of CIR must loudly point out the open racism of the opponents (Pat Buchanan is an open racist) - a defensive attitude will defuse all the momentum thus far built up for CIR.

The Treason Bar policy then is that there are terrorists from America, so we should do nothing to keep out or remove foreign terrorists unless we are willing to remove the terrorists from Corinth. Nothing mentioned that domestic terrorists are routinely arrested and imprisoned. Some like Tim McVeigh, are executed. No alien terrorists have been executed yet, not the 1993 WTC terrorists, not Nidal Hasan, not one involved in 9/11, not one Muslim terrorist has been executed. Only one white guy. So the U.S. is "doing" something about domestic terrorists. So, just what is the motivation for the ethnic cleansing of Corinth? To satisfy the crazed Treason Bar. The Treason Bar wants to do to their fellow Americans what the world accused Slobodan Miloševic' of doing to the Kosovars.

The big lie though is that amnesty will solve the foreign terrorist problem, amnesty will make us safer, but the fact that legal status did not stop the Boston terrorists. It enabled them. Without an insane asylum system, this bombing would not have happened. The Treason Bar knows this, but it is waging jihad on white Americans and on the Second Amendment.

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