Reaching The Parts Other Issues Don't Reach
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Over at Radio Free New Jersey, Tom voices an eloquent plea for the people’s government to enforce the people’s laws without fear or favor.

"Because I require the law to be safe in my home and in my person, I require our government to insist that our illegal immigrants not be allowed legal status. Does this make me a racist? You aren't a man in 21st century America until someone somewhere accuses you of racism. And I do find that I'm increasingly persuaded by the 'race realist' arguments I hear. With that said though, I think we all know that if you're white, 'racism' is almost always in the eye of the beholder. But in this particular case I don't think it matters at all."

RFNJ is not normally a National Question blog.  I know these guys: I go shooting with them.  Their postings concentrate on Second Amendment, fiscal, financial, and broader social issues.

Which illustrates how the National Question is seeping into the consciousness of all thoughtful citizens, whatever their primary interests.    


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