VOTE against Lugar on Kagan
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Judging by the resounding silence from the GOP Establishment’s Busboys at National Review (and, I gather, also on talk radio) the idea of filibustering Elena Kagan is deeply unpopular amongst the heroic leadership of US Conservative movement. Indeed there has been practically no discussion of the idea in the media or the blogosphere other than myself and Erick Erickson - who has at least posted his Human Events column on his site.

This is sad, because the Left is clearly afraid of the publicity a filibuster of this deeply unsuitable woman would bring. Look at Mathew Yglesias’s recent shrill attempt to rubbish Erickson on his blog.

So all will very happy with the effort of Senator Richard Lugar (RINO-In) to get them of the hook by announcing he will vote for Kagan, which One Old Vet correctly describes: Lugar Betrays Conservative Values AGAIN!

Lugar of course has been quite useless for many years. His Numbers USA recent rating on Immigration of F is the worst of the entire Indiana delegation.

Happily there are reports of opposition at home: Lugar takes heat over Kagan support By Maureen Groppe July 22, 2010 reports

State Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel…said that Lugar is supposed to be the dean of the Indiana Republican Party but that his record on judicial nominations is abhorrent to the values the party stands for.

Micah Clark, the executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana, said Lugar "has become nothing more than a rubber stamp for this administration when it comes to judges and most nominees."

At this writing the poll has by its article is running 55%-45% against Lugar.

This is very encouraging. The comprehension that Supreme Court Justices are lifetime super-legislators whose appointments must be treated as a political act is only now gaining currency amongst Republican operatives, let along the public. Few of the latter will have given much thought to how truly awful and dangerous Kagan is.

Time to get the computers fired up!

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