Vishwa Bharat: Lethal for America
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Hat Tip, Life of an I.T. Grunt, for drawing my attention to an essay by Times of India columnist Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar Vishwa Bharat vs. Akhand Bharat, The Times of India, October 10, 2000 , which is archived on his Swaninomics web site.
For decades, I have opposed the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's vision of an Akhand Bharat. This is little more than a vision of India dominating the sub-continent, based on the vague but unhistorical notion that the whole region somehow belongs to Hindus...

I see merit in a much more ambitious vision: Vishwa Bharat. Akhand Bharat implies that we should use muscle to dominate the subcontinent. Vishwa Bharat implies that we will use brain-power to gain a major role… in the biggest economies of the world. Forget about an aggressive RSS takeover of the sub-continent, we should aim for a friendly takeover of the whole world, starting with the USA.

… most H1-B visa holders will become US residents, and bring over several family members too. Something similar will happen in Germany and other Western countries. So, in a few decades, we can look forward to the creation of a huge global brainpower network of 50 million people of Indian origin. These will constitute… a big slice of the influential global population.

While Aiyar”s whole article is quite suave, it appears to be dead serious. As IT Grunt says
almost 10 years later, we are seeing the plan come to fruition. The invasion of the upper-caste Indians continues, and all Americans will soon be drinking out of clay cups, unless something is done.
With a Desi-loving President loading up the Administration with Indians it is crucial to remember the Indian fundamental advantage is not actually brains, but a willingness to corrupt, cheat, and practice intense ethnonocentricity and nepotism.

The presence of large numbers of Indians here is not compatible with traditional American society and its freedoms.

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