More on Indian Atrocities
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My posts here and here on the DC /IndianOut Sourcing DC Technology/Vivek Kundra scandal have been very informative.

I have learned of an extremely virile blog Life of an I.T.Grunt which appears to have coined the phrase H[indu]-1B.

I.T.Grunt gets a lot more profane than Peter Brimelow would allow on this site (Acknowledge, $PLC!). But I think it is a serious national problem when intelligent men are so upset. (Memo to DC Establishment: Colonels, not Generals, lead military coups.) And why would they not, with their families' livelihoods at stake?

A comment on the post linked to above is, I think, of crucial importance to navigating multicultural America:

At 4:16PM Anonymous said:
Once the Hindu-Indians take over the whole IT department (Hindu only IT ghetto), the following series of events takes place-
1. Hindu-Indian programmers further divide into two groups (North Indian Hindus and South Indian Hindus). This dividing process takes in few weeks.
2. North Indian Hindu programmers further divide into five groups (Punjabis, Gujarathis, Marathis, Bengalis and the rest). This dividing process takes in few months.
3. At the same time, South Indian Hindu programmers further divide into four groups (Telugus, Tamilians, Kannadigas and Malayalis). This dividing process takes in few months.
4. Only one of the nine above mentioned sub-groups finally 'survives' and 'occupies' the whole IT department. This dividing process take at least a year.
5. Among the final group, each Hindu-Indian IT programmer tries to bring their spouse/sibling by eliminating other ones.
6. So, the left overs in this final Hindu-Indian programming group will be a couple of 'families' and 'extended families'. The cubicles will become their 'homes'.
Conclusion - So here we have a 'Slum dog Family' Hindu-Indian Programmers forming a chaotic mini-Third World country within the IT departments across the Western corporate world.
Totally incompetent and abusing the unsuspecting USCIS department (which issues H1B visas) by sponsoring their unskilled spouses and siblings.
!!! God save America and other Developed nations !!!

PC comment: I know a fair amount about India. This is all too plausible.

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