Giving Tuesday Open House: 8PM Eastern with Special Guest Faith Goldy
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BREAKING NEWS! 7:22 PM EST: Thanks to your incredible groundswell of support, we met not only our $5k matching donation & our STRETCH goal of an additional $10,000 — WE NOW HAVE A THIRD DONOR OFFERING A SUPER STRETCH!

Donate now to be a part of our record breaking day!!

Coming up—at 8PM Eastern… tune into VDARE TV on YouTube for a special #GivingTuesday Open House!

Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire, and special guest Faith Goldy will be livestreaming from the living room, ready to answer your Superchats! And to add to the excitement, we are just dollars away from meeting our $5,000  NOW $20,000!! #GivingTuesday matching grant—Be there when it happens!

This year’s theme is 20 years of Patriotic Immigration Reform. was born on Christmas Eve, 1999, with posts including this fitting commentary on the War On Christmas.

So, enjoy some eggnog (or in Derb's case, Old Crow) with us! Toast to the season and to 20 years of fighting to keep America American!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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