Video: How Many Jobs Will Robots Actually Take?
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After a wacky sped-up history of artificial intelligence to the present time, the Axios report gets to the question many people are asking — will robots wipe out human employment, and if so, how soon?

This two-and-a-half minute video packs in a lot — importantly how large-scale automation affects people’s live and society as a whole. Larry Summers inquires, “People ask why there is a sense of estrangement, disillusionment, anger. Why is there an opioid epidemic? That is not unrelated to the absence of work.”

Chris Arnade (@Chris_arnade) is a traveling photographer who has been chronicling the American working class and the suffering from widespread job loss. The narrator says, “He asks everyone he meets — ‘What happened to your job?’ They all say automation. Not outsourcing, not the death of industry. Automation. The automation revolution has already begun. Real Americans are already losing jobs.”

The piece cites the PWC study about automation: “It said that 38 percent of U.S. jobs are at high risk by 2030. Yeah, 38 percent of jobs, 15 years, that’s crazy.”

Crazy is right. The only thing crazier is that nobody in Washington is talking about the automation future or that immigration continues on auto-pilot when the need for imported workers will be Zero very soon, like yesterday. Remember:

Automation Make Immigration Obsolete
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