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Reason Being Unreasonable [James Fulford] - 01/13/05

This post from blogger Damnum Absque Injuria says a lot about our arguments with Reason magazine. And the comments, et cetera, say why we don't want comments at VDARE.COM.

I found the post because XLRQ linked to it from this more recent post about subscription hard-sell harassment by the Reason treezine staff.

Manuel's Manual [James Fulford] - 01/13/05

Blogger Lonewacko has links to various pages of the Mexican comic book that Bryanna Bevens wrote about, with comments. I like this one " Apparently Charo is now working for the Feds."

I, er, couldn't help noticing this girl myself, when I glanced at the comic book before. Also this page, in which, under the Spanish heading, "Your Rights," you get an interesting view of her, ahem, left.

Of course, these comic books are intended for adults, and this is a technique that was used by the US Army, back when it was a single-sex organization, to hold the GI's interest. So don't think of this as a children's comic, but more as a manual for an invading army.

Note to self: add Damnum Absque Injuria  and Lonewacko to blogroll.

Latino Picks on Joe Guzzardi…And VDARE.COM's Blog [Bryanna Bevens] - 01/13/05

LatinoPundit.com just posted a comment by somebody named, umm, Latino.

Latino was perturbed (and I think a little confused) by a VDARE.com Blog entry by Joe Guzzardi More Immigration Happy Talk from NYT:

"But Navarro overlooked the data I cited in my August 13, 2004 VDARE.COM column "Savings for the Children; Losses for the Nation" —a sobering look at Hispanic teenage pregnancy. Included is the fact that 51% of Hispanic girls become pregnant before age 20."

Latino's reaction:

"Maybe, they are right about teenage pregnancy...oh wait, correction - Hispanic teenage pregnancy and by the way they don't care to mention any other teenage ethnic group so that bias right there would lead me to believe that maybe they are wrong."

Let me see if I understand, Mr. Latino:  Joe is responding to an article in the NY Times about Hispanic birth rates. But Joe failed to discuss the birth rates of other ethnic groups and is therefore, biased.  

Joe also wrote:

"And the question remains—not addressed in this or any other New York Times article—about why women who may illegally be in the US are having American citizen babies at taxpayer expense."

To which Latino responded:

"Are they right about taxpayer's dollars going to illegal babies because they fail to mention anybody born here is LEGAL?"

Read it again Latino! Joe was commenting on the illegal status of the women who are giving birth to these (yikes!) American children.

Latino made this observation:

"I was not surpised [sic] to find that VDARE's Blog did not have a comment section because they would probably have a lot of comments to field. And for the record I am not a fan of opinionated blog sites without comment capabilities."

Guess what—I agree we should have comments!

Just gotta convince J. Fulford (see above).

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