U.S. Imports Indian Caste Wars—And Deadly Competition
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CNN reports:

Brown University now explicitly prohibits discrimination on the basis of caste, joining a number of US colleges and universities in shoring up protections against an ill-understood, insidious form of oppression…

The caste system, which originated in ancient India, is a social hierarchy that historically assigned people to groups based on occupation and moral obligation... At the bottom of that social order, considered so low that they fall outside the traditional hierarchy and are relegated to the worst jobs in society, is a group that now calls itself Dalits.”

[Brown University bans caste discrimination throughout campus in a first for the Ivy League, by Harmeet Klaur, CNN, December 7, 2022]

This effort is of course futile. After Indian Independence in 1947, the new Government made furious attempts to eradicate caste-consciousness, continuing for decades. The upshot was primarily that the largest political party in the country now is not interested in the issue.  

Founding-stock  Americans might reasonably wonder where are the measures to protect them. Brown has become a serious competitor to Harvard and the ethnic breakdown is no doubt similar. James Fulford noted last October the Great Replacement At Harvard: Non-Jewish White Enrollment Down To Under 10%—Less Than Jews, Less Than Blacks. “Asians” were reported at 21.7% in 2020 and may well be more now.

“Asians” combines Chinese and Indians. The latter are probably present at Brown (and Harvard) in the same order of magnitude as white gentiles. Apparently, they have reached the critical mass needed to start fighting each other.

In  the later part Immigrant Activist Nandini Jammi Trying To Ruin Revolver News—These Indian Invaders Take No Prisoners I cited an elegant discussion of this phenomenon.

But the overall message of that blog is more important. Hispanics as a group bring us the blessings of animal cruelty and child rape. But Indians, with their privileged status of being  “Blacks with Brains,” bring us merciless ethnic competition with the objective being Power. Indians are not our friends.

Being personally charming and providing an interesting cuisine is not enough compensation.



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