U Of Minnesota: It Better Not Even LOOK Like Christmas! (Or Even Hanukkah)
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Via The Federalist and The College Fix, this note from the Diversity People at the University of Minnesota bans all religious iconography, and even anything that looks like Christmas. Surprisingly, they're not only banning Christmas, they're banning Hanukkah as well, with dreidels and blue and white decorations going the way of Santa Claus and poinsettias.


An update from IntellectualTakeout.org , the original source of the memo, says

*UPDATE: A University of Minnesota representative said the document in question was distributed “as a conversation piece to facilitate dialogue.” The representative said it does not represent the official position of the school or the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and was not shared campus-wide.
Above, it suggests that you check out the Religious Observance Dates page at the UM Office for Equity and Diversity | Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action department.

This has the usual multicultural stuff about December 8 being Bodhi Day, etc.

This memo is not the product of the main university, but of the UM College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Office for Diversity and Inclusion.

As suggested in the graphic above, you can email them at odicfans@umn.edu.



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