In The Crosshairs: They're Coming—And NEEDS YOUR HELP TO STOP THEM!
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A message from’s James Kirkpatrick:

They are coming for And then they’re coming for you.

On December 18, Twitter will be enforcing new terms of service guidelines designed to remove just about every conservative account which remains from the platform. Alternatives such as Gab exist, and, not surprisingly, they are the subjects of attacks by Mainstream Media outlets such as the New York Times.

YouTube is already cracking down on alternative content and has demonetized any right leaning videos.

We have already lost the ability to use Paypal. It is likely pressure on credit card processors will be next.

The Mainstream Media is even targeting Bitcoin!

The next step is going after servers – and eventually driving us all the Internet altogether.

America is already under the grip of Cultural Marxist terror. There is not one of us who doesn’t look over his or her shoulder for fear of what will happen if the wrong person is listening.

The solution is to rebuild a series of alternate institutions. The conservative movement, in theory, did that decades ago. But they all operate under the same principles as the Mainstream Media, even purging their own people when instructed to by the leftists.

It’s just us.

At, we call ourselves the voice of the historic American nation. But we’re more than a voice. We’re its defenders. We speak out for Americans when no one else does. We’re an obstacle to the globalists’ dreams of total control. And we are willing to stand up to censorship, persecution and Cultural Marxism.

We’ve paid the price for this. Our writers have been threatened. Our conferences have been canceled under threat of violence. The eye of Sauron/Soros, the outrageously funded and quasi-governmental $PLC, tracks every move we make.

But for 18 years we’ve endured. And we’re about to expand to become a true multimedia platform. The only thing holding us back is money.

NOW is the moment to donate. We have the opportunity to build a sustainable institution which can endure what’s coming. And the enemy knows this, which is why it is working so hard to make it impossible to support us.

An investment in is an investment in the future of the American nation. We believe that nation still has a future. We are willing to fight for you. Please give generously so we still can. And we promise we will never back down.

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