TWENTY YEARS' JAIL For "Trump Official" Federico Klein? vs. PROBATION For Son Of Democrat VP Candidate Tim Kaine!
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Earlier (2017) Tim Kaine's Son Arrested For Violent Attack On Trump Rally—Prosecute Him Under Federal Civil Rights Laws!

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Federico Klein is a State Department official who served as a low-level aide to Trump on the 2016 campaign, and was given a political appointment. As a Trump supporter and voter he attended the January 6 protests, where he allegedly trespassed in the Capitol and fought with police who were attacking the protesters, several of whom died, one from being shot.

Klein's is getting a lot of press coverage. In spite of what Google says, there can't really be 17.9 million results on a regular search, or 87 thousand on a news search, but he's definitely getting a lot of coverage from legacy media:

Trump Official Arrested in Storming of Capitol Left Little Mark Before Riot

Federico Klein was an outspoken religious conservative with a “perfectly suburban” background before the F.B.I. arrested him for assaulting Capitol Police.

By Michael Crowley, March 5, 2021

Klein's charges might, according to the MSM, result in 20 years in prison, and prosecutors want to deny him bail.

Compare this to what happened when Hillary Clinton's supporters (and of course Clinton herself) refused to accept the results of the 2016 election, leading to what was openly called "resistance" and years of anti-Trump violence, always called "protests" by the MSM, even though this particular attack involved bombs:

Fireworks and smoke bombs were set off inside the capitol and several people were arrested. Minnesota state officers had to call for backup from St. Paul police.

Linwood Michael “Woody” Kaine, 25, of Minneapolis, was arrested outside the capitol and later charged with three misdemeanors.

Two of them — concealing identity and fleeing a peace officer by means other than a motor vehicle — were dismissed Dec. 11, according to online court records for Ramsey County, Minn. Kaine pleaded guilty to obstructing legal process/interfering with a peace officer.

According to the St. Paul City Attorney’s Office, Kaine ran when an officer told him that he was under arrest. After police pulled him to the ground, “the defendant continued to fight the officers on the ground, bucking and flaring his arms and legs.”

[Woody Kaine, son of Sen. Tim Kaine, gets probation, fine stemming from protest at Minn. Trump rally, by Patrick Wilson, Dec 28, 2017]

That's not a Washington Post or New York Times story about the son of Clinton's Vice-Presidential candidate being involved in Antifa terrorism because he refused to accept the results of an election, it's a Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch story about the son of a Virginia Senator being involved in rowdiness, and getting a slap on the wrist from the St. Paul City Government, which is Democrat-controlled.

In his book Unmasked, Andy Ngo makes the point that Antifa are most successful in getting in local governments, like that of St. Paul:

The son of Virginia senator and former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine was arrested at an antifa riot at the Minnesota State Capitol in March 2017. Linwood Michael Kaine was part of the black bloc who set off fireworks and smoke bombs in the capitol building to shut down a rally in support of Trump. He eventually pleaded guilty to obstructing the legal process. His charges of concealing identity and fleeing were dismissed. Kaine was only sentenced to a year of probation.382

At the time of Kaine's arrest, I pointed out the St. Paul City Attorney was a black Democrat named Samuel Clark, who was considering misdemeanor charges against Woody Kaine, and said that

[I]f a black Democrat refuses to prosecute the people who attacked Trump supporters, you can't help thinking that it's exactly the same in law as the earlier white Democrats of 55 years ago who refused to prosecute locals who attacked Civil Rights marchers.

And as Federale has pointed out (Trump Administration Must Use Civil Rights Law To Defend #BasedStickMan, Supporters Against Berkeley Anarcho-Tyranny)  that led to the passage of Civil Rights laws under which the riot-allowing Berkeley police can be prosecuted—and so can both the young Kaine, and possibly even Samuel Clark.

But that never happened. It's another example of unequal justice.

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