Britain Importing Foreign Nurses, Failing To Train British Nurses
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Britain, as you probably know, has a National Health Service, which is chronically short of money to pay the doctors and nurses, and the fifty-five administrators, bureaucrats, and paper-shufflers needed to support each one of them.

Solution: Import those doctors and nurses. They work for less, and you save the cost of training them. What's not to like?

A March 3rd report from Migration Watch, an immigration-restrictionist think tank over there, tells us that since year 2010 more than half of British applicants for nurse training were not accepted, while tens of thousands of foreign nurses were hired. For the year 2018, quote:

Nearly 21,000 UK-based nursing applicants were rejected … even as 5,100 work permits were granted to nurses from abroad that year. 'A lot of the countries supplying Britain with nurses—the report names South Africa, Jamaica and Zimbabwe—are seriously short of healthcare staff. [More than 23,000 UK applicants for nursing courses rejected last year even as Covid ravaged Britain, March 4, 2021]

But hey, immigration's a blessing, right? On the long perspective, we're all immigrants, aren't we? Amirite, amirite?

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