Turkeys Vote For Thanksgiving—Gays Demonstrating For Muslim Immigration
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My January Diary, posted here the other day, included this:
The most passionate opponents of any restriction on Muslim immigration … are (a) women, and (b, to judge from newspaper Op-Eds and online commentary) Jewish liberals like Chuck Schumer.

They should form a pressure group together. They could call it WOMEN AND JEWS FOR ISLAM.

As the kids say: Hel-lo?

CultMarx is actually even more deranged than that. From today's newspaper:
Thousands of LGBT Americans protested President Trump’s immigration ban Saturday, outside the Greenwich Village bar where the modern gay-rights movement was born.

They gathered at the Stonewall Inn to demand that the president suspend his immigrant ban.

“Resist! Resist!” protesters chanted. There were three arrests for disorderly conduct.

Activist Cathy Renna said LGBT Americans have been deeply affected by what she calls “the horrible things Trump has been doing” because their community includes gay Muslim men, immigrants and women hurt by rollbacks on reproductive rights. [Thousands protest against Trump outside Stonewall Inn by Verena Dobnik; New York Post, February 5 2017.]

So my hypothetical pressure group should actually be called WOMEN, JEWS, AND HOMOSEXUALS FOR ISLAM.

I don't know if we've reached Peak Liberalism yet, but we must surely be getting close to Peak Stupidity.

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