Tulsi Is Not Paying Attention: Syria Doesn't Have To Give California To Mexico—Immigration Is Doing It For Them
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Tulsi Gabbard is the most interesting of the Democratic candidates. In those heady first days of the Trump Administration, she was even discussed as a possible Secretary of State. She's certainly preferable to neocons like John Bolton. She's the one Democrat who understands that America's meddling in the Middle East has been a disaster, for both America and the Arab world [In Democratic Debate, A Fiery Clash Over U.S. Role In Syriaby Franco Ordonez, NPROctober 16, 2019].

However, this morning she tweeted against the president, accusing him of "giving" northern Syria to Turkey. If Gabbard is concerned about Syria's territorial integrity, she must understand that without restraints on Turkey backed by American power, Turkey will probably just grab that anyway. Yet leave that aside. She made the point that Americans would be outraged if Syria "gave California to Mexico."

Has she not been paying attention? Her fellow Democrats almost unanimously support Open Borders. As far as California specifically, Syria doesn't need to give California to Mexico. California politicians themselves are eager to do it.

Former governor Gray Davis worked with the Mexican government to defeat Proposition 187, which would have almost certainly stopped illegal immigration into the former Golden State. Gray Davis also spoke of California and Mexico forming "one magnificent region." Governor Jerry Brown visited Mexico to help increase immigration. Gavin Newsom wants to provide health care for illegal immigrants. Kevin de León openly brags about his family using fake ID's to stay in the country.

The state has essentially nullified federal immigration law. It's a real question whether we can consider California part of the Union in a significant way. 

What's more, Mexican leaders are quite open about their intentions. Mexican politician Gloria Ramirez Vargas boasted that "those lands were once ours... we are re-conquering again for our Mexico." Mexican journalists have been saying the same thing for decades. The Mexican government explicitly states it will act aggressively for the interests of Mexican nationals within the United States.

As far back as 1997, President Ernesto Zedillo proclaimed to the National Council of La Raza, “I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders.” Mexican consulates work to meddle in American politics and Mexico has changed its citizenship laws to give it more influence over our policies. Essentially, Mexico is already colonizing us. 

For many Americans, California is already lost. In response to Tulsi Gabbard's rhetorical question, you will find many responses of people replying, "Yes." They already think California is post-American. Her point didn't go over the way she thought it would. 

Of course, there are millions of actual, loyal Americans in California who think otherwise. They don't want to give up on the Golden State. Before we start arguing about the Middle East, I'd prefer Tulsi (and for that matter, Trump) start talking about retaking California


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