Trump Opposed NAFTA In 1993—Said It "Would Only Benefit Mexico"
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A useful find from Paul Joseph Watson:

Here's a link to Business Conference Draws Bigwigs,, by Tim Epperson, Lodi News-Sentinel, October 25, 1993.

A screenshot of the full story is below.

Here's the money quote:

Trump, who apparently spoke ardently against the plan, said it would only benefit Mexico. Speakers such as Gerald Ford, [George H. W. ] Bush and [Jack]  Kemp agreed with former Chrysler Chief Iacocca that the agreement would improve lifestyles in Mexico, greatly reducing illegal immigration into the United States. "Our future lies south of the border," Bush said. “NAFTA is bigger than jobs. it's bigger than trade, it's vital to U.S. growth.'"
If Bush, Senior meant that America's future lay south of the border, he was wrong. If he meant that the Bush family's future did, he may have been right.  See Steve Sailer's GOP Hispano-Pander Failing – Except Maybe For Bush Dynasty, from the first term of Bush II, and The Bush Dynasty’s Central Project Since 1953: Integrating Mexico Into The North American Economy, from the middle of Jeb's campaign debacle.


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