Trump On Immigration In GA: "They'll Throw Open American Borders And Allow Tens Of Millions Of Illegal Immigrants To Pour Into Our Country"
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Here's what Trump said in the Georgia Rally about Immigration, slightly edited from the autotranscript, and with links added:

And you know, what's going to happen, they'll throw open American borders and allow tens of millions of illegal immigrants to pour into our country from every corner of the globe.

Your schools, your hospitals, and your communities will be overwhelmed and the wall, the wall, the wall remember, “We’ll build a wall, we're going to build the wall,” and that's right. Mexico is paying for the wall. If I were here, that would be because we were going to charge him a nice fee right at the entry points and they were paying for the wall.

They paid for twenty-eight thousand troops along the wall along the border, which we don't need so much anymore. But we built almost 500 miles of wall and they want to rip down the wall. They want to rip down. It's why the numbers have been so great, but now everyone's coming back up because they think this guy's going to win and if he wins it's going to be everything that they could dream for dream up.

And you know we want to help other people, but we can't afford to do it. We can't afford to do it so they're coming up now, the caravans remember, the caravans of caravans are starting to form—here they come. But let's, let's keep this thing going.…

If they win this race Democrats will implement nationwide catch and release. You know that as you catch a criminal and you take his name, you say you're released into our country. I ended it. …

They’ll turn our entire country into one giant sanctuary for criminal aliens setting loose tens of thousands of dangerous offenders and putting MS-13 gang members straight into your children's schools.

And you know, we've removed thousands and thousands of MS 13 gang members, and I want to thank ICE and I want to thank Border Patrol, and I want to thank our great law enforcement, credible people here in and the people that understand those values are Kelly and David, they understand those values and you're with our law enforcement right hundred percent.

They’ll allow heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and other deadly drugs to flood across our borders again and poison our youth.

Speech: Donald Trump Holds a Political Rally in Dalton, Georgia—January 4, 2021 | Factbase

As we kept saying during the campaign, he should have been emphasizing this stuff more, but what he's saying is what we've been saying about the potential of an incoming Biden administration. Weirdly, it's also what Biden on his website has been saying about his plans for a Biden administration.

What it means is that the immigration issue isn't going away.

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