Trump In Sanford, FL: Dems Want To Suspend All Alien Removals: "Whether They're Murderers, Rapists, Thugs, Bank Robbers, They Don't Care"
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In Sanford, Florida, Trump hit at Joe Biden and his Open Borders plans, as well as reminding people of his success in get Mexico to actually block illegals from going north.

Sleepy Joe Biden and it wasn't him, it's the people that control him. He's controlled totally, has put forward the most radical platform in American history, including a plan to eliminate U.S. borders. Oh, that's wonderful. Where's our border? We don't have one, just come in, everybody. Come on in, come on in, everybody.

If you're a murderer, if you're a rapist, if you're very, very sick with a disease that can spread all over, just come on in. [Audience Boos] Now, you know, we're up to almost 400 miles of wall, nobody talks about that anymore. And we now have the tightest, safest border in our country's history, but we're up to almost 400 miles, it'll be finished very soon, and it's top of the line.

It's exactly what Border Patrol wanted. But by implementing nationwide catch and release, imposing deadly sanctuary cities nationwide, nationwide, they want sanctuary cities, that's what they want. I don't even think—I'll tell you, I know a lot of people in California, they don't want sanctuary cities.

It's like the politicians want it. I don't think the people want it, but they want to suspend all removals of illegals out of our country, whether they're murderers, rapists, thugs, bank robbers, they don't care, they want to suspend it. [Audience Boos] You almost say, where the hell are they coming from?

Where does it even—where does the thought process come? It's demented. It would mean the total nullification of all U.S. borders, overwhelming every city and town in America, including this wonderful place that we all love very much. Under my leadership, we achieved the most secure border in U.S. history and we're finishing that wall.

It's going to be finished and so beautiful. Wait until you see that, wait until you see that, a few more months. We're doing 10 miles a day. And by the way, Mexico is paying—they hate to say it, Mexico is paying for it and Mexico's been great. You know Mexico has 27,000 of their soldiers on our border and I said you have to do that.

 Speech: Donald Trump Holds a Campaign Rally in Sanford, Florida - October 12, 2020

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