Trump Appoints Normal Judges, Washington State Appoints Disabled Black Lesbian From Trinidad
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I am long since resigned to the fact that our legal system has been utterly corrupted by Cultural Marxism. Even so, this story from left me with my jaw hanging loose in amazement.

Slate is fully CultMarx-compliant. They started off this story lamenting that, quote: "Donald Trump's Presidency has been a disaster for judicial diversity," then they go to the good news. While the federal judiciary may be going to White Supremacist Hell in a handbasket, out there in the states, Democratic governors are diversifying their state judiciaries for all they're worth.

Slate brings forward its star exhibit. Governor Jay Inslee [Tweet him] of Washington State has elevated to his supreme court a disabled black lesbian from Trinidad. Black, female, homosexual, disabled, and an immigrant: that's a fiver. Hoo-ee!

The lady's name—really, you can't make this stuff up—her name is Whitener, Grace Helen Whitener.

Would you like to hear about Governor Inslee's two other appointees to his state supreme court? I know you would. Here they are: Raquel Montoya-Lewis, a Jewish Native American, and Mary Yu, an Asian-American Latina lesbian. Slate's conclusion: "The court represents a vision of what the federal judiciary could look like under a Democratic president."

I need a drink.


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