Anarcho-Tyranny In The UK: Arrested For "Pubs Closed, Borders Open" Sign
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Anarcho-tyranny watch: Over in the nation of my birth, the United Cuckdom, two men have been arrested by police for "racially aggravated public order offenses."

So what did they do—burn a cross on someone's lawn? No, worse than that. They have been sticking up posters on lamp posts, bus stops, and bollards around the town of Sheffield protesting Britain's coronavirus lockdown with the words: PUBS CLOSED, BORDERS OPEN.

The news outlet I'm quoting, dissident-right Voice of Europe, does not fail to notice that Sheffield is just eight miles from Rotherham, the town where, for nearly twenty years, gangs of Pakistani Muslim men kidnapped and gang-raped underage English girls while police looked the other way for fear someone would call them racist.

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