Towards An Alt Right Poetry Anthology: "The Lady Speaks"
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In an effort to expand the cultural scope of the Alt Right, we should strive to produce some Alt Right poetry — enough of it ultimately, perhaps, to be gathered in an anthology, to be published by

This thought was inspired by a friend's recasting of Emma Lazarus' famous — or, to immigration patriots, notorious — production "The New Colossus."


The Lady Speaks

I hold aloft the lamp of Liberty,

A little light upon a dark wild sea.

This beacon gleaming high above the flood

Was dearly bought with treasure and with blood

By men prepared to live or die for me.


No welcome-light is this, but challenge hurled

Like a red flag with Andrew’s cross unfurled

Against the avatars of Tyranny.

My chosen people dare to stand alone.

Good will to all, but they defend their own:

Their calling is not to remake the world.


Ye huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

Throw off your own oppressors; let there be

New freedom in the land that gave you birth.

Free your own minds. Why tramp across the earth

Dragging the chains of dumb servility?


This is not Motel 6, ye foreign poor who

Think I stand here to leave the light on for you.

Ye wretched refuse come to grub for cash,

Go, go back home: we’re all full up with trash!

That's very nicely done — actually much better than Thomas Bailey Aldrich's "The Unguarded Gates," which attempted the same theme 122 years ago.
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