Progressives: The New Race Realists
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HBD aggregator par excellence "M.G.," over at her blog Those Who Can See, has a good post on the theme "Progressives: The New Race Realists."
The rhetoric and the actions emanating from the left as of late show that they have perhaps taken a U-turn — a salutary one. People of Color, they are now saying, in fact have little agency, are near-prisoners of their instincts, and thus can't be held to the same standards as other ethnies.

In other words, today's progressives have become de facto race realists.

On what do we base such a claim?

M.G. breaks it down into headings and subheadings:
1. Education

1a) White Liberal Flight

1b) Lower expectations

1c) Education—college

2. Employment

3. Crime

3a) Blacks lack agency

3b) White victims and 'battered wife syndrome'

3c) Europe: Our new Diversity has no agency

4. Governance

5. Historical Accomplishment

6. Athletics

7. "White Privilege"

7a) Doctrine: Whites are Blessed

7b) More than skin deep? —Skating close to the truth

Definitely one to bookmark when you need an HBD graph or fact-source.
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