Thursday's One Old Vet Amnesty News Collection: 26. Drudge 0
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Am invaded

H/T One Old Vet

Working the night shift, One Old Vet posted in the small hours of this morning a compendium of 26 Amnesty stories.

Amongst these I particularly liked the elegant AMNESTY PLAN A BAD IDEA By Peter K. Nunez U-T San Diego Feb 17, 2013

When President George W. Bush tried to ram through the McCain-Kennedy “comprehensive” immigration reform proposal, the American people rose in opposition and brought the bill to a screeching halt. Why? Because ordinary Americans understood then what a sham “comprehensive” immigration reform was, just as they understand now that the current proposals put forward by President Obama and the “Gang of Eight” senators are virtually the same as Bush/McCain/Kennedy.

The only thing new in the Obama/Gang of Eight proposals is that the “path to citizenship” will not go into effect until after the border is secure…This is an illusion meant to fool the public into believing that amnesty will only take place after the border is secure. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because on Day One, every one of the 11 million illegal aliens will be eligible for a temporary document allowing them to stay and work in the U.S., their two most important goals.

Nunez flags a key issue

Based upon the 1986 amnesty, on average five legal immigrants were added to the population for each person who received amnesty. So the 11 million could add another 55 million legal immigrants in the next two decades. Is population growth at that level good for the national interest?

Unfortunately the most significant story was probably Gainesville poultry industry would benefit from national immigration reform By Sarah Mueller February 20, 2013. This reported a remarkably frank panel discussion by a group of Slave Power employers looking to hold down wages in Georgia. Mike Giles, President of the Georgia Poultry Federation directly said it:

“It is our hope that immigration reform will create an environment that will aid the border security challenge by making visas available when market conditions warrant."

AKA when we are having to pay more. Steve Sailer got it right today. Agribusiness interests

…want to bribe their foreign workers by having the rest of us give their workers legal permanent residency in return for accepting terrible wages from the growers.

Privatize profits, socialize costs…the growers are permanently changing the demographics of America to save themselves a few bucks in wages

I repeat: 2013's Immigration Push Not Just Amnesty: Slave Power Wants Open Borders Too!

Complain to Mike Giles about his industry's irresponsible selfishness.

Sadly, the Drudge Report has reverted to the new policy and carries zero (0) Amnesty related stories. This is despite important stories breaking today, for instance a refreshingly patriotic statement from the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte: No on path to citizenship By Katie Glueck Politico 2/21/13.  Less pleasingly it appears the AFL-CIO is putting Democratic loyalties ahead of the interests of its members:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO on Thursday announced...joint principles for a temporary worker program.

Business and labor make breakthrough in immigration talks By Kevin Bogardus The Hill 02/21/13

Mustn’t rile up the Serfs!


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