SunTV’s JihadWatch This Week Observes Free Speech Protection in Dearborn and Relativism Elsewhere
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It was interesting to hear Michael Coren’s recollections of his home town of Ilford near London and how it had changed from an immigrant town of Europeans to being the home of infamous Muslim pest Anjem Choudary. The latest news from the well known loudmouth was his urging to fellow unfriendly Muslims that they quit their jobs and go on welfare: make the sucker British taxpayer finance Islam’s ordinary treason.

Choudary also bragged on how the Muslim population was growing — due to disastrous immigration, of course.

Coren remarked that his late father would not recognize Ilford now. That’s true of many communities in Britain now.

When joined by Robert Spencer for the JihadWatch segment, they discussed the recent conviction of several Birmingham jihadists who were plotting to bomb and murder as many British people as possible, hoping to rival 9/11.

Their discussion of the week’s hostile Islam news also included some advances in free speech protection in Islamified Dearborn and the deteriorating situation of Egypt’s Coptic Christians.

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