The Rise And Rise Of Julian Castro, America's First Hispanic President
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For four years, I've been following the quasi-fabulous career of the Hispanic Obama, Julian Castro, who gets paid about $3k or $4k per year to be the ceremonial "mayor" of San Antonio while some white lady gets paid 100 times ($375,000) Hizzoner's stipend to be the actual city manager.
Texas Mayor Is Said to Be HUD Pick in Cabinet Reshuffling
President Obama intends to choose Mayor Julián Castro of San Antonio as the secretary of housing and urban development, replacing Shaun Donovan, who would move to head the Office of Management and Budget, according to Democrats informed about the plans.
Sheryl Sculley, city manager
Well, hey, San Antonio mayor Henry Cisneros used the same Cabinet post to launch himself on a public and private career that culminated in this January 2005 Countrywide press release: "Countrywide Expands Commitment to $1 Trillion in Home Loans to Minority and Lower-Income Borrowers." So, let's go back to the well and get another Hispanic San Antonio "mayor." I wrote about how the Democratic establishment was prepping Castro to be the Hispanic Obama in VDARE in May 2010:
"Who Is Julian Castro And Why Is He Being Touted As The Next Minority President?"
For some reason, Julian's identical twin brother Rep. Joaquin Castro doesn't get quite as much Presidential Timberhood adulation. I wonder if that is a source of sibling rivalry?
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